Introducing the "FEAR-LESS" Collection at CRI Store – a powerful tribute to the courage and commitment of CRI Responders who fearlessly face the challenges of crisis and disaster situations worldwide.

Inspired by Matthew 24, where Jesus foretells the increase of trials and tribulations on Earth, the "FEAR-LESS" collection boldly embodies the resilience of a generation committed to demonstrating the Kingdom of God and fulfilling the Great Commission despite the risks.

On the back of each shirt, you'll find the powerful words of Matthew 24:14, a reminder that, through it all, the good news of heaven's kingdom will be proclaimed worldwide, demonstrating the reality of God in the midst of turmoil.

By wearing a shirt from the "FEAR-LESS" Collection, you stand in solidarity with those who risk their comfort and safety to bring hope to the suffering. Every purchase contributes directly to our mission of providing every nation with a demonstration of the reality of God.

Visit CRI Store to explore the "FEAR-LESS" Collection and join us in spreading courage, faith, and the love of Christ in the face of fear. Thank you for your support – together, we make a difference!